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2023 Holiday Light Season

Thank you to everyone who visited us this 2023 Season.  “We’ll keep the lights on for you” until January 14th.  Be sure to check out the Playlist page for song lists and visit our feature Charity page for ways to donate and help those less fortunate.

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634 Lamplight Lane

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We provide a wonderful selection of music and lights combined for a delightful show featuring songs for the Halloween and Christmas Holiday seasons as well as classic and modern rock favorites.  Each song has a custom light sequence and many have faces timed with the lyrics.

Make sure to Tune your car radio to 92.1
to listen to the lights in your vehicle.

  • Please be courteous to our neighbors and don’t block the road, DIM your headlights, and please don’t play the music too loud.
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    St. Louis Area Holiday Light Locations